Metsovo is a town of Epirus and founded among the mountains of the largest mountain range of Greece, the Pindos 1100-1300 meters in altitude. Located between Ioannina (north) and Meteora (South). It is the capital of the homonymous province with a population of around 6,000 inhabitants and is located on the Egnatia. Metsovo is a pole of attraction during the winter and operated ski resort in the region.

Distances from Metsovo »
  • Airport : 38Km
  • Meteora : 80Km
  • Igoumenitsa Port : 80Km
Distance from the hotel »
  • Central Square : 30m
  • Ski Center (Profitis Ilias) : 4km
  • Museum : 200m
  • Gallery : 50m
Local products »
Metsovo is still known for the manufacture of two cheeses, called metsovone and metsovelas. Also famous for its wine production with the manufacturer best known vineyards of the lower family of Averof.
Road access »
Access to Metsovo is accessible through the association with the Egnatia Highway. This contributes significantly to the tourism development of the city and the transportation of the products it produces.
Skiing in Metsovo »

In the picturesque Metsovo is the ski center in position «Prophet Elias» while in the new construction, with specifications ski resort.
Useful Numbers »
  • Municipality of Metsovo 26560-41207, 41333
  • Police 26560-41233, 41222
  • Fire Station 199, 26560-42883, 41199
  • Health Center 26560-41111/2
  • National Center for Emergency Aid Ioannina 166
  • Forestry 26560-41277, 42297
  • Hellenic Post 26560-41245
  • Hellenic Telecommunications Organization 26560-22121
  • Greek bus operators 26560-41280
  • TAXI 26560-41393
  • Information center for the National Park "Valia Kalda" 26560-41980
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